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What is IntraLATA and InterLATA ?

I know there is a lot of confusion on these terms, I'll try to explain them without making it even more confusing.

There are actually 4 terms that describe long distance access areas: interstate, intrastate, interLATA, and intraLATA. Some of these overlap and are frequently used interchangeably - which leads to the confusion.

IntraLATA is your local service area. In some states the entire state is covered by one LATA, so every call within that state would be considered intraLATA.

Other states have several LATAs, so calls within your own LATA are intraLATA (also called local long distance), and calls within your state but outside your service area are interLATA. Both of these are also referred to as intrastate by most consumers.

InterLATA is service between two different LATAs. This could be between 2 LATAs in your state or between your LATA and one in another state. It doesn't matter - they are technically both interLATA and that is how the carriers refer to them - anything outside your local LATA is interLATA.

The confusion comes from the public perception and how they have come to refer to these. Most people refer to interLATA calls between states as interstate and calls within their state as intrastate but, while this is geographically accurate, it is technically inaccurate. Interstate and intrastate only divide the calls for regulatory purpose (inTRAstate by your state Public Utility Commission, inTERstate by the FCC).

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