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Save on your long distance

You can save when you phone long distance by using one of our carefully selected long distance phone services. The "big three" long distance companies either charge too much or put too many restrictions on when you can call in order for you to get their "best rates" on your long distance calls.

You can save with our long distance service, call when you want to, and enjoy low rates, all day, everyday!

Need a suggestion ? Here is a list of the top 5 long distance plans as selected by our customers:

Start saving money now on all of your long distance calling. Regardless which one of our long distance services you choose, our rates are lower than the major long distance companies!

Select a plan from the carriers listed on this page and join the thousands who are already saving on their long distance telephone service. One of these plans will save you money on your long distance calling needs for your home or business.

Why wait any longer? Select your long distance plan from the list of carriers on the right or use our best long distance rate search engine to help you select a plan. Why wait? Sign up now and start saving right away!

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IBN InterTelecom
2.3¢ per minute
IBN Tel offers a quality long distance with US domestic rates as low as 2.3¢ per minute* and ultra-low International rates. Both domestic and international calls are billed in 6-second increments with 6 seconds minimum call length.

TCI Long Distance
3.0¢ per minute
Long Distance Service designed to save you money with super low domestic and international rates. Pay for what you use, no monthly fee or minimum use requirement. there are no contracts, no installation fees and no set up fees.

PNG - PowerNetGlobal
3.9¢ per minute
State-to-State calls just 3.9¢/min. Low In-State and International rates. Signup online, or call toll-free. Stand alone toll free and calling card available!

2.7¢ per minute
Featuring low intrastate and 2.7¢ interstate rates. The calls are billed in 6-second increments with 18 seconds minimum (30 seconds minimum for international calls.

Pioneer Telephone
2.7¢ per minute
Traditional long distance with old fashioned customer service. No hidden surprises...2.7¢ per minute out of state calls, 60 second billing, no monthly fee.

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